Dev Log 3/31/19

The core functionality has been built and ready for field trials.  The basis of the game is built around the Japanese Visual Novel style on a very basic level.  No audio or complex animations were included due to the time constraints of the project.  This project is deemed as the absolute minimum viable product for presentation.

Additional changes that can be done:

Creating a modular function to the scenes allowing for additional expansion to story.

Create a text loading system to streamline the writing process of the game to further improve story development.

Create scenes with more/hidden options for the players to experience.

Field test the game on lower end hardware to verify readability and performance metrics.

Additional feedback is very much appreciated.


A story of groupthink -- 10 MB
Apr 01, 2019
A_Simple_Story_Of_Groupthink.apk 31 MB
Apr 01, 2019
The Story of Group Think.exe 633 kB
Apr 01, 2019

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